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Over 96 acres have been added to Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, Morris County’s largest park

The property on Bowling Green Mountain has been a priority for conservation for many years as identified by the Highlands Council. The property is almost entirely uplands with steep slopes that provide potential habitat for numerous species of concern, including Indiana bat, bobcat, and red-shouldered hawk.

New trail construction in the “Snow Bowl Area” of the existing park land will directly connect to the property that has been protected. The property also protects scenic views from the Headley Overlook (accessible from the Highlands Trail), a 1,280 foot elevation view point at one of the highest points in Morris County.

This newly protected property will provide increased access to open space, as the previously privately-owned site was closed to the public. The property was transferred directly to the Morris County Park Commission on December 31, 2020 and is now open for visitors to enjoy.

The property is more than 96 acres of forest over steep, rocky slopes adjacent to and nearly surrounded by existing Morris County park land making the property important for watershed protection in the Highlands. The property drains directly to Russia Brook and the Rockaway River, both local source water supplies.

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