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Photo taken at Silas Condict Park courtesy of Pat Horsch

About Our Activities

Our Hikes

We generally offer hikes 6 days of the week. The length and pace of our hikes vary according to the day of the week. Please use this guide to choose the hike that is right for you.

  • Monday walks — are about 3 miles/1.5 hours.

  • Tuesday hikes— are for experienced hikers; 5 to 7 miles at a moderate pace. Bring trail lunch.

  • Wednesday hikes — are 2 to 2.5 hours, about 4 to 5 miles.

  • Thursday hikes — are strenuous hikes for experienced hikers; 8 miles or more at a steady pace. Bring trail lunch.

  • Alternate Thursday hikes — are 5 to 7 miles at a moderate social pace for experienced hikers. Bring trail lunch.

  • Weekend hikes — vary from short 2 hour hikes to challenging all day hikes. Check the hike description and contact the leader if you need further information.

Click here for SAMPLE schedules. Current schedules are available for members only.

Our PaddleTrips

Paddle trips are offered seasonally, generally on Fridays. Refer to the specific description in the schedule.

  • Bring a canoe or kayak.

  • Life Jackets (personal flotation device) ARE REQUIRED.

  • Bring lunch & dry clothes in a waterproof bag.

  • River runs are dependent on the water level in the river.

  • Rentals are usually not available at launch sites, however, check with the leader.

Our Bike Rides

Bike rides are offered seasonally. Refer to the specific description in the schedule.

  • Bring a bike appropriate for the route. Most rides are on bike trails or paved roads. See the ride description for more information.

  • Helmets ARE REQUIRED.

If a listed activity states “You MUST REGISTER with the leader” you must notify the leader in advance that you plan to attend.  If no one contacts the leader to register, the leader is not obligated to show up. Leaders retain the right to cancel activities or to change the activity location.

Guests are welcome to participate three times on a meetup or any other club event listed on our schedule before we ask you to join theTriState Ramblers Club for a $15 yearly fee. THIS IS NOT CURRENTLY VALID. OUR ACTIVITIES ARE FOR MEMBERS ONLY.

Who We Are

The basic purpose of the TriState Ramblers is to serve those actively interested in the great outdoors and to increase their numbers. To that end our club offers a varied program of outdoor activities, providing wholesome recreation while contributing to physical fitness. Read on to learn more about our activities.

To the same end our club supports worthy conservation efforts. We are a member of and contribute to The NYNJ Trail Conference.

The TriState Ramblers are affiliated with the NY/NJ Trail Conference.    


Outdoor sports involve some hazards. The members who volunteer to lead our outings claim no special qualifications. Each participant in club activities — whether member or guest — must assume full responsibility for his or her own safety, relieving the club, the leaders, and all other co-participants of any and all responsibility in that connection — excluding, of course, individual responsibility for willfully inflicted injury. Adults who bring children to club activities must additionally assume full responsibility for the safety and conduct of such children. Your participation in any club activity is at the discretion of the leader.

Leaders do not charge for their leadership services. Leaders may collect entrance fees, but the charges should not exceed the outlay for the day’s event.

Guests are welcome. We invite guests to try out the club by participating in up to three outings before joiningTHIS IS NOT CURRENTLY VALID. OUR ACTIVITIES ARE FOR MEMBERS ONLY.

If you have questions about an outing, please contact the leader.

Cell phone use, including texting, is discouraged while hiking except for emergencies.

Wear adequate footwear, a helmet, or a personal flotation device, as appropriate for the activity.


Be adequately prepared for weather and trail conditions (e.g. rain gear, traction devices or snowshoes, sunscreen, bug nets).


Consume sufficient food and liquids to adequately sustain your energy and hydration level.


ALWAYS carry identification, including phone numbers of people to be notified in an emergency (see the Forms page for a sample Emergency Information Form).

Do not go ahead of the hike leader except with permission — and then only to the next trail junction. Leaders should be permitted to lead, followers are expected to follow, and explorers should plot their own trips.

This is a club for people; dogs are not allowed.

Smoking is not allowed during any club activity.


Schedule changes are communicated via a Google Groups discussion group. In order to send or receive messages, you must be a club member and subscribe to our Google Group.  This Google Group is only used for club business--mainly to notify members of schedule changes. Email addresses are never shared for commercial or solicitation purposes. Note that messages are moderated to ensure the messaging system is used for appropriate club business only.

In order to join the TriState Ramblers Google Group, you must subscribe. Note you do not need to have a gmail address to join the Google Group. To subscribe, send an email to with a request to join the TSR Google Group.

You do not have to sign-in/log-in to Google Groups in order to view or send messages. Messages will come directly to the email box that you subscribed with. Hike leaders can communicate schedule changes by simply addressing their email to


For assistance with subscribing, contact the club webmaster at

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