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New Loop Trails in NJ Parks

The NY/NJ Trail Conference has made a concerted effort to identify and improve trail networks in several New Jersey parks that have disproportionate numbers of lost hikers. Ramapo Valley County Reservation was the first park to undergo these changes.

This year, additional trail networks are receiving similar attention. The Trail Conference has been able to improve the experience in Ringwood State Park, Ramapo Mountain State Forest, Abram S. Hewitt State Forest, and Wawayanda State Park’s Terrace Pond area by reblazing trails.

  • View the Wawayanda State Park completed major trail changes map.

  • View the Abram S. Hewitt State Forest completed major trail changes map.


  • Terrace Pond North Loop: The recent conservation of a vulnerable piece of land off Warwick Turnpike in partnership with The Land Conservation of New Jersey ensures that access to this trail will be protected in perpetuity. The incorporation of a new trail section turns this previously linear hike into a satisfying loop. 

  • Terrace Pond West Loop: Existing trails and woods roads create a loop from Clinton Road that offers diverse forests and swamp views while leading you to Terrace Pond. 

  • Terrace Pond Circular: While this trail is unchanged from its historic route, the addition of a spectacular new floating walkway (discussed on page 12) makes this scenic path worth a visit, even for those who have walked it before.  

  • Bearfort Ridge: Located in Abram S. Hewitt State Forest, existing trails create a loop hike option from the parking lots on Warwick Turnpike. Incorporating the newly adopted West Ridge Trail offers an expanded hike option for those looking to put in more miles.  

  • View the Ramapo Mountain State Forest completed major trail changes map.

  • Reblazing work is still in progress for Ringwood State Park.

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