New Jersey DEP/State Parks and Forests Introduces Trail Tracker

Trail Tracker - The Interactive Trails Map of NJ State Parks is now available at The Trail Tracker tool helps visitors find activities available at state parks and forests during each season, search for trails by difficulty ratings and points of interest, and access detailed geographic maps that provide information on terrain and natural features along trails. It is mainly meant to be used as a planning tool.

The tool also enhances safety by enabling visitors to maintain their bearings while hiking (that is, it will show you your exact location on the map - but cell service is required for this feature to work) and by providing emergency contact numbers.

The tool is not an "app", but is meant to be opened on your web browser (thus the need for cell service). One can open (and save) a PDF of the park maps before heading out/entering areas with limited cell service. The PDF park map is not interactive.

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