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For Leaders

Use the links below to update participant limits. Default is 20. Please update if your event will have a different limit. Simply type over the current 20 value with your preferred value (e.g. 15 or 25). If you want a "Show and Go" (like pre-Covid), type in SG (leaders must have a paper sign-in sheet). If you are fine with 20, no action needed.

For documentation purposes, also type in your initials and the date, if you make an update. Once all updates are made, just exit out of the Sheet (just close the tab in your browser). No need to "save" or anything. If you make an inadvertent change, UNDO is your best friend (CTRL and Z simultaneously or click on Edit, then Undo from the top menu. If doing this on a cellphone the UNDO icon is the left-pointing curved arrow).

Please update any limits by midnight Tuesday the week before your event. For example, for events between Monday June 7 and Sunday June 13, updates need to be made by Tuesday June 1.

For add-on hikes, please include the participant limit in your email to


Any technical difficulties, please contact Dianne Jones at

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