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If you are a current member, please go to the Membership Renewal Page

New Membership Form

Conditions of Membership and Participation in the Activities of This Not-for-Profit Association:

Outdoor sports involve some hazards. The members who volunteer to lead our activities claim no special
qualifications. Each participant in club activities, whether member or guest, must assume full responsibility for his or her own safety, relieving the club, the leader(s), and all other co-participants of any and all responsibility in that connection – excluding, of course, individual responsibility for willfully inflicting injury. Additionally, adults who bring children to club activities must assume full responsibility for the safety and conduct of such children. They must also agree to indemnify the club, the leader(s), and all other co-participants as to claims in this connection, whether such claims are for injury to person or property of the children or third parties. Dogs are not allowed on any club activity.


As a member, you will need email and access to the internet to receive timely event information and to register for events, as well as to receive club information and our newsletter. 
By typing my name below, I hereby agree to the foregoing conditions.

Social Roster:
Your name, city, primary telephone number, and email will be published in the social roster, which is shared with all club members, unless you opt out. This social roster is used to share rides and for other social purposes; it is not shared with any other organization. 

Paperless Schedule:
Our Event Schedule, including updates, can be viewed and downloaded from our website. If you prefer to have a printed schedule mailed to you (twice a year), please indicate below. 

How did you hear about the TriState Ramblers?

New Member Fee:

Your membership covers the period from July - June. If you pay between January 1 and June 30 your membership is paid through June 30 of the following year.

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