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ALL TSR organized activities are


until further notice!!

By signing up for an event, members agree to the same waiver included on the paper sign-in sheet and also agree to abide by the procedures for our MODIFIED activities.

Click on each event for more detailed information.

To ensure you get timely notification about any changes and updates (especially cancellations), make sure you join the TriStateRamblers group hosted by Google Groups (for members only). Instructions are provided once you join and pay your dues.

If you use Google calendars, you can add the TriState Hikes calendar to your own calendar, eliminating the need to visit the TriState Ramblers website just to check the calendar. Also note that the meeting location is included as part of the Google calendar entry, which can be clicked on for those using their phones for directions. Go to the Community Page for more information, posted under News.

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