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TSR has resumed activities for members only. 

Please read the below information CAREFULLY. By signing up for an event, members agree to the waiver  included at the top of the Signup page and also agree to abide by the procedures for our activities.

Signup Rules (updated January 2023)

•    Members can sign up for a maximum of 2 hikes per week on SignUpGenius (1 hike and 1 waitlist) in accordance with the rules below. There are limits in place in order to give more members an opportunity to participate.

​o    Sign up on a hiker list and on a waitlist for a second hike you would like to attend (even if there is still room on the hiker list). If a hike is not full as of 6 p.m. the night before, you will be moved from the waitlist to the hiker list (as space permits). Put “second hike” in the comment section when you sign up.
o    Or sign up on a maximum of 2 waitlists if desired hikes are already full. Put “first hike” and/or “second hike” in the comment section. There are frequent changes to the sign-ups, and you will be moved to the hiker list for your first preferred hike when space permits.
o    Do not sign up on 2 hiker lists. If you do, your name will be removed from both. Violation of our sign-up rules may result in suspension from club activities.

o    Exception: If there are open spots and no one on the waitlist as of 8 p.m. the night before, you can add yourself to the hiker list (even if you are already signed up for 2 hikes). Put “signed up after 8 p.m.” in the comment section.

•    If your name is on the waitlist and a spot opens up, you will receive an email. You can also review the sign-up to confirm your status.

•    Note that the waitlist is monitored manually. If you happen to see that there is an open spot (because there are frequent changes), but you also see individuals on the waitlist for whom it is their “first hike,” do NOT jump the waitlist and take the open spot. Sign up on the waitlist. Put “first hike” in the comment section so it is easy to identify you as getting priority over “second” hikers. Otherwise, your sign-up in the “open” spot will be revoked.

•    There is no limit on the number of sign-ups for bike and paddle events.
•    Anyone who shows up for an activity that is listed on SignUpGenius without signing up will not be permitted to participate.

•    Members who are unable to participate in an event for which they signed up must change their status online. (Participant numbers impact our insurance premiums; additionally, there may be people on a waitlist who could take the spot.)
•    Members who sign up and do not show up will be issued up to two warnings. After three violations, members may no longer sign up for any events that require limits on participation.

•    Members who violate the spirit of these rules by signing up multiple times (except as noted above) may be suspended from club activities.
•    As part of the electronic sign-up, members agree to the waiver included at the top of the page and also agree to abide by these procedures.

Important Reminders

  • Our rules are meant to ensure equitable access for members. The number of sign-ups per week is limited in order to give more members an opportunity to participate.

  • If a hike is full, use the waitlist. There are frequent changes and you will be informed via email if you have been moved onto the hiker list. Or go to SignUpGenius and check your status.

  • If a hike is not full, at around 6 p.m. the night before, a TSR volunteer will promote “waitlisted hikers” to “hikers” in the order they signed up until the hike is full.

  • Do not jump the queue. Before adding your name to the hiker list, review the waitlist to see if anyone else is a "1st hiker.” If so, add your name to the waitlist with "1st hike" in the comment area. Our hardworking volunteers will move you to the hiker list if there is availability.

  • If there still is room after 8 p.m., anyone may sign up and it will not count against the weekly limit of 2 hikes.

  • Because SignUpGenius does NOT restrict the number of hikes for which you can sign up, YOU must keep track of them to ensure that you are not in violation of club rules.

  • If you need to cancel, go to SignUpGenius and update your sign-up. Please cancel before 8 p.m. the night before. For day-of cancellations, contact the hike leader as a courtesy.

  • Give yourself enough time to find the hike start point, get situated, gather your gear, use the facilities (formal, portable, or natural), hear any leader comments, etc. before setting off at the scheduled meeting time. Out of courtesy to the others, the leader is not obligated to wait for any late hikers.

  • You can always hike if you lead a hike! Email a description in the standardized format to

  • Events are for members only. If you want to bring guests, invite them to join the club. It’s only $15 for a year.

Signup Help

TriState Ramblers uses SignUpGenius to facilitate online registration for all events. You do NOT have to create an account with SignUpGenius in order to register, although creating an account does provide extra flexibility. For instance, if you log in to your account, you can see all the upcoming events for which you have registered and easily edit them if needed. But creating an account is NOT necessary.


Instructions for those who need help with signing up.

Instructions for those who need help with deleting a sign-up.

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